Frequently Asked Questions

1How many days it take for attestation?
It would normally take 8-10 days for attestation from all departments including Ministry of External Affairs and Embassies like UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain etc. Saudi Embassy would take a little more time depending upon the verification replies received from your University. Saudi Cultural and Embassy time would be approx. two weeks presently.
2What is urgent basis of attestation?
Urgent basis attestation is done on the same day from UAE Embassy. It would save two days.
3Do urgent attestation cost extra?
Yes, urgent attestation from UAE Embassy would cost you Rs.1000/- extra per document.
4Do I have to pay upfront or can pay you after the attestation is done?
This is as per your own convenience, but attested document will be dispatched only after the payment confirmation is received from the bank.
5What documents to I have to send for attestations?
If it is an Educational Document, you need to send your original degree along with a copy of your Passport, Final year mark sheet photocopy (xerox) plus one passport size photograph. If it is a Marriage Certificate/Affidavit or a Birth Certificate, you need to send the Original Certificate and Photocopy(Xerox) of your Passport only.
6What is the security about you handing over the documents safely to us?
We are in this business since decades; our sole business is document attestation. Our team consists of trained members who possess excellent skills. They very well understand the value and importance of your certificates, which you received through struggle and hard work. It is our duty to handover all the documents after completion of the attestation.
7What will you do if the certificate is laminated?
The attestation stamps will be put on the non- laminated area of the certificate. If it is laminated the lamination from the certificate will be removed carefully so as not to cause any damage to the certificate. It is our suggestion please avoids laminating your certificates.
8What is the procedure of a Transfer certificate attestation, issued from India?
The transfer attestation procedure varies from school to school. Some schools demand for District Education Officer Stamp from their respective state and then one attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE. Another procedure includes: 1.Home Department (Concerned State) 2.Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi) 3.UAE Embassy (New Delhi) 4.Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UAE)
9What is Fake attestation?
Attestation of unauthorized certificates and unauthorized Attestation of certificates are known as Fake attestation. Fake attestation is a crime.
10What time will take to get an educational document as attested?
For HRD attested educational certificates ,normally 7-8 days will be enough to attested from all departments including Ministry of External Affairs(MEA),all Embassies etc.. Documents that require HRD or GAD attestation will first go for verification and the duration depends on the completion of university verification.
11Where can do HRD attestation from?
HRD attestation is from Human Resource Development Department (HRD), Government of India is available for all UGC or AICTE Approved Certificates. This attestation required for getting a job in Foreign Countries. HRD Attestation not required for jobs in India. Ministry of HRD giving Guidance for Attestation of certificates from New Delhi, India
12What is the difference between attestation and apostille?
Both are the same in aim.Each country has its own apostille authorities.Hague Convention, which means they use the apostille for legalizing documents If you are using Indian Documents in countries which are not in Hague ,use the word attestation for legalizing documents.If you are using your Indian documents in Australia,Italy,UK or any other country in Hague convention treaty nations your documents and certificates need to apostille from India.
13My presence is required?
Without your presence we can complete all the procedures for your certificate attestation / Apostille. Higher education, employment, business or migration - whatever your requirements are there related to certificate attestation.

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