Lamination Removal

Your documents are being laminated and kept preserved but they need to be delaminated for different reasons.

The process of lamination removal otherwise known as Delamination of Certificates is the potent taking away of the laminations. For example, your migration to a few selected countries abroad as an Indian citizen demands authentication of your educational certificates and attestation by the concerned authority. Some of the Central or State government authorities in India don’t want to authenticate the laminated documents. In these situations, these authorities will like you to remove their lamination.

Removal of Lamination in Odisha
Though the process of document lamination is simple, easy and less time taking but when it comes to removing or taking this lamination out of the document, it becomes difficult and more risky job. Attempting for removal of the lamination manually may result in serious damage caused to the document kept inside it.

The applied amount of heat and pressure on your document at the time of lamination may vary a lot, making the process of lamination removal very risky. Another factor is the condition of your document before lamination may not be equal in every case and therefore no single theory of delamination would be applicable to all documents.

Different kinds of methods are being used to take the lamination out of the documents in Odisha. Some may follow the process of chemical de-lamination, which is not at all a perfect and may damage the letters on the document or certificate. Some may even tear off paper from laminated certificates/ documents, spoiling the standard of “De lamination”.

Our Lamination Removal Service
We neither tear off the paper nor damage the letter on your document, that means we make sure you get complete security to your document while sending it to us for the “de-lamination”.

Whether you want to remove the lamination from one or both side of your documents in Odisha, contact us online. We can accomplish the de-lamination successfully.

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