Marriage Certificates Attestation

In some places a marriage certificate attestation is meant to maintain the official record that the couple has been married legally. In a few other places, it is more than a license which can be used for double purpose of getting permission for a marriage ceremony and then certifying that it has been done successfully.

Marriage Certificate Attestation is a basic necessity for all those who are looking to go foreign for higher education, employment or starting a business. In such cases, attestation of your marriage certificate can be done by us to confirm that it is not forged. Once your document passes through embassy certificate attestation, it can be accepted globally as legal papers. We will complete all qualifying paperwork before submitting your marriage certificate to the embassy/consulate of UAE, Oman, and Bahrain, Qatar etc so as to get your embassy certificate attestation easily and quickly.

Contact us if attestation of your Marriage Certificate is needed for applying a Family visa in these countries recently or in future!

Processes to be Handled by us:-

Attestation from the country where your marriage is done.

Attestation from the embassy of country where you want to apply family visa.

If ever your marriage was done in India, then your marriage certificate will have to get attested in India by your State’s Home Department first and then by the MEA, New Delhi.

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