PAN Card in Odisha Service

Our professionals can help you secure a PAN card in Odisha no matter whether you are a company, individual. With us, you can also reissue it with ease.

PAN card is an important document obtained from the Department of Income Tax of India to be used for Income Tax Return file and other official work.

Permanent Account Card otherwise referred to as PAN Card has a 10 digit (alphanumeric) unique identification number or code issued by ITD in India to each tax payer.

Permanent Account Number assigned in PAN Card is required for the below given conditions involving monetary transactions:-
• To open an Indian bank account by any citizen or non-citizen.
• To make bank deposit more than Rs 50,000.
• To open demat and trading account and invest in Indian stock market.
• To buy any debenture or security more than Rs 1,00,000.
• For issuing demand drafts more than Rs 50,000.
• To make cheque deposits more than Rs 50,000.
• To sale or purchase land or property in India.
• To sale or purchase car in India.
• To pay for travel expenses exceeding Rs 25,000
• To file TDS return.

Other Usage of PAN Card

This card can serve as an ID proof as it is given out by the government authority of India.
Opening various kinds of account in different Indian banks
Submitted as an ID card during travel in Railway (Online-Ticketing system)
Act as an ID proof for any loans applied or investments done in Banks
Compulsory for ever transaction done with the ITD in India.
How we can have a PAN card?

You are required to apply the regional UTITSL office to get issued with a PAN card.


You can even ask our professionals to submit the PAN card application.

Basic documents required for a PAN card

1. ID card photocopy (Voter Id, driving licence, passport etc.).
2. Residential certification photocopy (sslc book, ration card, bank passbook etc..).
3. 2 nos of Photographs (stamp size B/W).

You can’t obtain or possess more than one PAN Card as it is illegal.

To issue your PAN card in Odisha, contact us online!

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