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October 23, 2015
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Studying Abroadhas Become Easy – Embassy Attestation in Odisha

At the point when any person from India goes to whatever other country for job the certificate attestation or authentication must be finished by that specific country’s embassy or consulate in India. There are numerous Indians working in GCC nations, for example, Oman, Saudi Arabia,Bahrain,Kuwait, Qatar and United Arab Emirates and it is fundamental for these individuals to bear witness to these documents in the corresponding foreign embassy or consulate situated in Delhi or Mumbai. Comparable authentication and attestation are required if the person is going to different nations like Africa, Europe, and Australia or in the mainland of America.

What is the procedure of certificate attestation?

The procedure of certificate attestation relies on upon the sort of certificate to be authorized and the destination country. On the off chance that the Embassy Attestation in Odisha of the document is required then it must be finished by the Govt. of Odisha and Govt. of India. There two different departments which can do the certificate attestation. Those departments are-Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and Human Resource Development Department (HRD).

Sorts of documents

The documents which are required for authentication can be categorized into three sorts:

Educational certificates-The Educational Certificate Attestation are acquired from schools and colleges. These could be school leaving certificates, degree course certificates or professional certificates like MBBS, B.Tech, diploma courses or ITI certificates.

Non-educational documents-These are divorce, marriage and birth certificates, transfer and leaving certificates, affidavit, medical, affidavit, experience certificate or temporary certificate.

Supporting documents-These are the documents that are should have been submitted long with the educational, non-educational or whatever other sorts of documents required for attestation or authentication. Contingent upon the country the quantity of sort of supporting differentdocuments. Different supporting documents are mark lists, registration, transcripts, selection letter, copy passport, photo identity and so forth.

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