Educational Certificate Verification from University

Do you need professional help to verify your educational certificate from your university in Odisha? Maybe you are looking to submit all of your genuine certificates for higher studies in foreign countries. The authenticity of your certificates has to be proved before seeking admission in higher level courses or applying for visa. We are here to handle university certificate verification and make sure that your document is authentic. With our professional certificate verification from university service, you can not only get selected for study programs but also for visa processing.

Whether you are a student seeking for a Saudi embassy or consulate attestation for educational certificates, university verification report is essential. We are able to manage it more effectively even though time required for verification differs according to degree certificate issuing departments or universities.

Basic documents for Odisha University Verification

  1. Copy of Certificate
  2. Copy of Mark list
  3. Verification Request letter
  4. One photograph of Applicant


To learn more about our university verification service and packages, contact us online now!

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